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Sık Sorulan Sorular

  • Will My Items Be Damaged?
    We carry out the transportation process with our expert trained personnel and we protect our customers from possible damage by insuring your goods before transportation.
  • Is Elevator Transport Safe?
    ​Our Special Elevators have undergone all necessary checks and tests and their maintenance has been completed completely. With the high-security elevator transportation method, your shipments are carried out faster and more reliably.
  • How Long Does the Moving Process Take?
    After the planning, the transportation is completed within one day within the city and the next day for intercity transactions.
  • Is packaging and packaging done?
    Yes, we do the packaging and packaging of all your belongings from A to Z.
  • Is transport insured?
    Yes. Your belongings are insured by the insurance company we work with. If you wish, we can share details and policy information.
  • Is there any institution or office transportation?
    In addition to home-to-home transport, we also do office and corporate transport.
  • Are white goods installed?
    If the electrical and water installations in the place to be moved are ready, we install your white goods.
  • How are clothes & clothes transported?
    Our company keeps hanging clothes closets ready for every transportation process, so your clothes transported in the closets are not damaged.

Ankara Home To Home Transport

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